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Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations that Asia has to offer and the scintillating and pulsating lifestyle of the city has managed to attract a large number of travelers. The city offers both excitement as well as a relaxing environment for all kinds of travelers. The city is graced with some spending landmarks which symbolizes is modernity and a spending skyline consisting of skyscrapers which provide some majestic views.

Some of the major attractions consist of Disneyland and the HSBC building which symbolizes the modernity in the constructions of the city. Religion also is an important factor in Hong Kong and the world's tallest bronze statue of the Buddha seated outdoors epitomizes this fact. Shopping is also one of the major attractions of the city. Temple Street Night Market and Stanley Market and Murray House is bustling with activity with an exodus of people thronging the market for a wide range of items and accessories.

The city is bustling with activities and full of lights and colorful ambience. It is a modern city with spectacular landmarks and splendid views which charms the traveler.

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