India's rising economy has meant that the tourism industry is also on a high these days and is regarded as one of the global tourism hotspots. The country has a plethora of destinations filled with rich culture, heritage, architecture, art, religion, spirituality and ancient history. The diversity present in different forms is what makes India a favored destination for RTW travelers.

The mighty Himalayas (Kashmir, Leh Ladakh & Himachal Pradesh) provide adventure and peaceful environments. The greenery and majestic views grace the north east (Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh) of India. The western part (Rajasthan, Gujarat) provide colorful and vibrant views. The beaches of Goa boast of serenity, fun and playful environs.

India is also home to a number of religious places for Hinduism (Varanasi, Rishikesh & Tirupati), Buddhism (Dharamsala, Leh, Sikkim), Sikhism (Amritsar), Jainism and many more places of ancient history of religion. Travelers also frequent landmarks in Delhi (Red Fort, India Gate), Agra (Taj Mahal), and Mumbai (Gateway of India).

RTW travelers find a perfect blend of both vibrancy and peaceful and soul searching environs in a country like India. Travelers often come to the country to explore its hidden beauty in the form of peace and spirituality. A trip to India serves as a life changing experience for travelers.

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